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Last spring, nearly 100,000 fewer high school seniors completed financial aid applications for this year -- a trend that disproportionately affected low-income students. This fall, many families are facing job losses, health setbacks, lack of technology access, and less frequent collaboration with school staff. How can school counselors creatively help families in this unprecedented time, and ensure that their students remain on a pathway to college?

Watch the recorded discussion with college access experts to discuss practical ways we can support postsecondary attainment for this year's graduating seniors.

IconSpecial Promotion for AchieveWorks Assessments!

The AchieveWorks suite of assessments provide students with a solid foundation of personal insight that will help them uncover their potential, improve study habits, discover career goals and establish an education plan to achieve their dreams. The AchieveWorks suite includes the following 4 assessments:

  • Intelligences - an assessment of multiple intelligences.
  • Learning & Productivity - an assessment of students' learning styles.
  • Personality - an assessment of students' personality types.
  • Skills - an assessment of students' skills and aptitudes.

XAP is currently offering a special promotion!  Customers with 1 or more AchieveWorks assessments can receive 1 additional AchieveWorks assessment free of charge for 1 year. Since the AchieveWorks Learning & Productivity assessment is currently provided free of charge to WV schools, a 2nd AchieveWorks assessment (other than Learning & Productivity) must be purchased in order to receive the 3rd free assessment for a year.

To learn more, join our Meet the AchieveWorks Assessments webinar or contact Simone Swett at info@xap.com.

IconLatest Product Update -- January 2021!

  • New CFWV Logo
  • New Career and Pathway added to the Finance Cluster
  • Redesign of the career profiles
  • New event management functionality
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